SLIPPA Women’s Leadership Summit:

SLIPPA - Women LeadershipSLIPPA Women’s Leadership Summit welcomes women from all over the country for a guided exploration by 21st century thought leaders, as we re-imagine and redefine our world and our lives. There is growing awareness worldwide, that women are an under-tapped and unleveraged resource worldwide, therefore SLIPPA  in response to this global acknowledgement that women are vital contributors politically, economically, and socially founded  SLIPPA Women’s Leadership Summit as a national program focusing on each woman’s personal, professional, and life purpose development. The principles of the program are guided by the values of Awareness, Leveraging, and Leadership. The Summit brings together expert speakers to teach the tools and applicable strategies for high-potential, high-achieving women who are looking to make the most of their entrepreneurial endeavors and careers. “SLIPPA’s Women’s Leadership Summit is about recognizing that today’s woman encounters many challenges in their life journey, but when equipped with the right toolbox they act with greater awareness and are able to strategically  leverage their personal and professional development into a sustainable leadership legacy,” says Dr. Tendai Ndoro, CEO/Founder SLIPPA (The Strategy Leadership Institute in Private & Public Affairs)

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SLIPPSLIPPA -Professional LeadershipA  Professional Leadership Summit:

 The SLIPPA Professional Leadership Summit is a program targeting public and private sector decision makers looking to develop their professional careers through the SLIPPA leader development frameworks of Leadership Awareness & Leadership Sufficiency. These Professional Leadership Summits will be offered in collaboration with academic institution, corporate entities and non-profits organizations.

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SLIPPSLIPPA -Youth LeadershipA  Youth Leadership & Business360 Summit:

The SLIPPA  Youth  Leadership & Business360 Summit is a program specifically targeting unemployed and underemployed youth from ages 16 to 30  years of age as well as include customized programs for middle school, high (secondary) school and college level undergraduates and graduated students. SLIPPA works in collaboration with various public & private sector entities, schools, higher education institutions, economic & community development organizations in the delivery of this program.  The SLIPPA Youth Leadership &  Business360 Program  includes modules in Leadership Awareness skills  development using the SLIPPA Leadership Awareness Framework, and the  Entrepreneurship skills and Business Start-up & Management tools & strategies uses SLIPPA’s Business360 Curriculum. The SLIPPA Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summits provide self employment alternatives to young participants while at the same time  cultivating and enhancing  their self identity through leadership awareness into resourceful, contributing Global Citizens.

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