SLIPPA Leaders & Decision-Makers Retreats

STRATEGY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE IN PRIVATE & PUBLIC AFFAIRS (SLIPPA)‘s mission is to cultivate the next generation of Leaders & Strategic Thinkers for relationships in a Global World. With this in mind, the SLIPPA Leaders & Decision-Makers Retreats are for Leaders and Decision-makers in the private, public and third sectors.  Participants have the choice to attend 1-day, 3-days or 5-days. The retreats are designed to deliver self development, intellectual proficiency, professional expertise, and decision-making strategies for both women and men Leaders. . The Retreats includes capacity building workshops, leadership drills and networking activities. The objective is to enable Leaders and Decision-makers(especially Women) to harvest their personal equity, social capital, and institutional competencies to mobilize and leverage one’s resources needed to lead and manage from a position of strength, empowerment and confidence in the global market place.

Retreats Descriptions & Outcomes:

5-Day Retreat: The 5-Day Retreat delves into helping Leaders who are already being recognized in the global market place as thought leaders of their sectors or industry but need to position their legacy into a sustainable institutional framework. The outcome of the 5-day Retreat is the development of an institutional Strategic Leadership Advancement Plan© (SLAP). Leaders will have completed all four SLIPPA Leader Development Frameworks© which include:: 1) Leadership Awareness© ; 2) Leadership Sufficiency©; 3) Leadership Worth© ; and 4) Leadership Actualization©. Each SLAP is based on the individual leadership target goals to be achieved within a year with SLIPPA coaching. It is our purpose to get the Leader to accomplish this, and we have a systematic and proven model to help them succeed.

3-Day Retreat:  In 3 days, the Leader or Decision-maker cover the first three SLIPPA Leader Development Frameworks© which include:: 1) Leadership Awareness© ; 2) Leadership Sufficiency©; 3) Leadership Worth©  Attending 3-Days of the retreat the Leader receives their individual Strategic Leadership Enterprise Profile© (SLEP).

1-Day Retreat:  The retreats take an in-depth focus on the first SLIPPA Leader Development Framework© which is  the  Leadership Awareness© . The Leadership Awareness© framework assisting Leaders to define their leadership values and purpose and setting immediate strategic actions with clarified outcomes. At the end of this 1 Day retreat the Leader or Decision-maker leaves the retreat having created their individual Strategic Leadership Awareness Model© (SLAM) This workshop is also great for introducing conference participants as it’s the initial step to leaders having full awareness of how they can expand and leverage their leadership position.

The Retreat will comprise of:

  1. Lectures, Workshops & Seminars
  2. Networking & Matchmaking Events
  3. Interactive & Experiential learning Exercises
  4. Media AV presentations
  5. Personal & Business Digital Branding setup
  6. Much, much, more….!

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Who should attend:

Women leaders & Decision Makers in:

Private sector

  1. Corporate leaders
  2. Small Business CEO
  3. Entrepreneurs

Public Sector

  1. Cabinet Ministers & Secretaries
  2. Department Directors & Manager
  3. Unit officers

Non-governmental Organizations

  1. NGO Executive Directors
  2. Social Entrepreneurship Directors
  3. Donor Directors & Manager
  4. Grant & Business Development Directors
  5. Faith Based Leaders