Research Project for UNDP/UNV – Human Resource Evaluation/Needs Assessment of the Participatory Development Research Center for Africa division and submitted Policy Recommendation Report (Funded by UNDP)


Research Project for OXFAM – Evaluation/Needs Assessment of Microloan Program for Rural Economic Development Project and submitted a Evaluation/Feasibility Study Report (Funded by Oxfam-UK/Ireland)

Research Project for Academy for Educational Development – Retail/Manufacturing Small Businesses Needs Assessment for the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Project (Funded by USAID).


Research Project for PricewaterhouseCoopers – Competency Based Needs Assessment of the Department of Trade & Commerce/Zimbabwe Government (Funded by USAID & NORAD -Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation)


Collaborated in the development & implementation of manufacturing sector training program for USAID (United States Agency for International Development) – Results: – trained over 200 Small to Medium Scale (SMEs) Manufacturers/wholesalers/retailers contributing to skills development, manpower capacity building and growth for Zimbabwe’s Private Sector (Funded by USAID)


Developed & implemented training project for the Zimbabwe Development Bank Loan Officers – Results: A 30% improvement in loan assessment procedures; 40 % increase in loan repayment by the small businesses (Funded by African Development Bank/World Bank)


Successfully managed a ¼ million dollars African NGO Conference Project for CONGO-UN (The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations with Consultative status in the United Nations) implemented in Kampala, Uganda – Results: – A 100% participant turnout (Funded by UN)



Developed GNBDC Training & Technical Assistance Program for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Results:: Enabled the organization to acquire new business opportunities and generate funding capital with involvement in the following project: Prudential Young Entrepreneurships Program (PYEP), American Express Community Business and PSE&G Small Business Revitalization Training Project;



Overall contribution to Small Business development – with business planning & implementation of efficient business operating systems – Results: Access to capital from lenders; Establishment of new small businesses; Reduction in operation cost and waste; Increased profit margins; Computerized business systems; Reduction in high staff turnovers; Effective stock level and cash flow management.


Overall contribution to revenue generation and resource mobilization for organizations like GNBDC and WEDO;