SLIPPA (Strategy Leadership Institute in Private & Public Affairs) – an organization whose mission is to cultivate leaders & strategic thinkers for relationships in the global world through private/public sector development; human capital development, academic research, economic development & political governance while fostering strategic partnerships & linkages with collaborative partners in the Diaspora. SLIPPA is a subsidiary of EDCTrainers, LLC (Enterprise Development Consultants & Trainers, LLC)

EDCTrainers, LLC  – is an international management consulting and business advisory firm founded in 1990 and registered in the United States. EDCTrainers, LLC works extensively with national and international public and private sector entities, non-profit organizations and the donor community in economic development.

SLIPPA/EDCTrainers, LLC has a combined 25 years of experience providing  services in Strategic Management; Human Capital Development; Private Sector Development; Public Sector Development; Research/Information Management & Publishing.


    1. Strategic Management
        • Strategy Planning/Design/Implementation/Monitoring
        • Organization Strategy Design, Implementation & Evaluation
        • Organization Change Management
        • Strategic Private/Public Partnerships & Collaborations
    2. Human Capital Development:
        • Leader Development  – Leaders & Decision Makers Leadership Retreats
        • Women’s Leadership Summits
        • Professional Leadership Summits
        • Young Entrepreneur’s Leadership Summit
    3. Private Sector Development:
        • Business Advisory Services Consulting
        • SME -Small Business/Micro-enterprise Development
        • SME -Small Business Training & Technical Assistance;
        • Training Curriculum Development & Train the Trainer (TOT) Capacity building
    4. Public Sector Development
        • Public Administration
        • Economic & Community Development
        • Organization & Program Development and Management;
        • Operations & Program/Project Management & Administration
        • HR Competency-based Performance/Functional Reviews & Capacity Building


        1. Human Capital Development: SLIPPA Women’s Summit (2013)– Maplewood, NJ  in collaboration with umojawa
        2. Private Sector Development: Webinar Series on Small Business Strategic for Women in Business (2013) in collaboration with the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
        3. Human Capital Development: SLIPPA International Women Leaders & Decision Makers Retreat (2012) – Umwinsidale, Harare Zimbabwe in collaboration with  UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
        4. Human Capital/Program Development: Rutgers Business School (RBS) Student Experiential Learning Program (2011)– Rutgers University-Newark, NJ;
        5. Private Sector/Program Development/Implementation:  Entrepreneur Pioneer Initiative (EPI) Program (2004) developed in collaboration with RBS Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED), Newark, NJ
        6. Program Development/Management: Women Entrepreneurs’ Networking (WEN) Business Breakfast (2005) – in collaboration with SBDC at RBS, Newark, NJ
        7. Private Sector/Organizational/Program Development & Management: Small Business Development Center Management (2001-Ongoing)-Rutgers University/Rutgers Business School, Newark NJ
        8. Private Sector/Program Development Implementation & Management: SME Training & Technical Assistance Program (1998-2001) – Greater Newark Development Consortium (GNBDC), Newark, NJ
        9. Program Development & Implementation: PSE&G Small Business Revitalization Training Project(2000) – funded by Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) Community Development Unit
        10. Human Capital/Program Development & Implementation (1999): Prudential Young Entrepreneurships Program (PYEP) funded by Prudential Foundation; Association for Enterprise Opportunities (AEO) &American Express Community Business
        11. Human Capital/Research Project for UNDP/UNV ( – Human Resource Evaluation/Needs Assessment of the Participatory Development Research Center for Africa division and submitted Policy Recommendation Report (Funded by UNDP)
        12. Program Monitoring/Evaluation (1998) Research Project for OXFAM – Evaluation/Needs Assessment of Microloan Program for Rural Economic Development Project and submitted a Evaluation/Feasibility Study Report (Funded by Oxfam-UK/Ireland)
        13. Program Development/Monitoring & Evaluation (1996-7): SME Retail & Manufacturing Sector Training program for USAID (United States Agency for International Development) (1996-7)– Results: – trained over 200 Small to Medium Scale (SMEs) Manufacturers/wholesalers/retailers contributing to skills development, manpower capacity building and growth for Zimbabwe’s Private Sector (Funded by USAID)
        14. Evaluation/Research Project for Academy for Educational Development (1996)– Retail/Manufacturing Small Businesses Needs Assessment for the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Project (Funded by USAID)
        15. Program Development & Implementation: Professional Capacity Building Training project for the Zimbabwe Development Bank Loan Officers – Results: A 30% improvement in loan assessment procedures; 40 % increase in loan repayment by the small businesses (1997) (Funded by African Development Bank/World Bank)
        16. Evaluation/Research Project for PricewaterhouseCoopers (1998)– Competency Based Needs Assessment of the Department of Trade & Commerce/Zimbabwe Government (Funded by USAID & NORAD -Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation)Project Management: Successfully managed a ¼ million dollars African NGO Conference Project for CONGO-UN (The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations with Consultative status in the United Nations) implemented in Kampala, Uganda – Results: – A 100% participant turnout (Funded by UN)
        17. Public Administration/Project Management: 4th World Women’s World Conference Information Management (1995-7) – WEDO, NYC, NY