SLIPPA (Strategy Leadership Institute in Private & Public Affairs) is an organization whose mission is an organization whose mission is to cultivate leaders and strategic thinkers for relationships in the global world through private/public sector development; capacity building training, management consulting, coaching, academic research, economic development, political governance and fostering strategic partnerships and linkages with collaborative partners in the Diaspora. SLIPPA works extensively with national and international public and private sectors, non-profit organizations and the donor community in economic development. SLIPPA is a subsidiary of Enterprise Development Consultants & Trainers, LLC (EDCTrainers, LLC)

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SLIPPA Leaders & Decision Makers Retreat

Leaders & Decision-Makers Retreats are for Leaders and Decision-makers in the private, public and third sectors.  Participants have the choice to attend 1-day, 3-days or 5-days. The retreats are designed to deliver self development, intellectual proficiency, professional expertise, and decision-making strategies for both women and men Leaders. . The Retreats includes capacity building workshops, leadership drills and networking activities. The objective is to enable Leaders and Decision-makers (especially Women)  to harvest their personal equity, social capital, and institutional competencies to mobilize and leverage one’s resources needed to lead and manage from a position of strength, empowerment and confidence in the global market place.

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Who should attend?

Women & Men in leadership and decision making positions in:

Private sector

  1. Corporate leaders
  2. Small Business CEO
  3. Entrepreneurs

Public Sector

  1. Cabinet Ministers & Secretaries
  2. Department Directors & Manager
  3. Unit officers

Non-governmental Organizations

  1. NGO Executive Directors
  2. Social Entrepreneurship Directors
  3. Donor Directors & Manager
  4. Grant & Business Development Directors
  5. Faith Based Leaders

SLIPPA Women, Professional & Youth Summits

  1. SLIPPA Women’s Leadership Summit: There is growing awareness worldwide, that women are an under-tapped and unleveraged resource worldwide, therefore SLIPPA  in response to this global acknowledgement that women are vital contributors politically, economically, and socially founded  SLIPPA Women’s Leadership Summit is a customized  program focusing on women’s personal, professional, and life purpose development. The principles of the program are guided by the values of Awareness, Leveraging, and Leadership.
  2. SLIPPA Professional Leadership Summit: A program targeting public and private sector decision makers looking to develop their professional careers through the SLIPPA leader development frameworks of Leadership Awareness & Leadership Sufficiency.
  3. SLIPPA Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit: A program specifically targeting unemployed and underemployed youth from ages 16 to 30 years of age as well as include customized programs for middle school, high (secondary) school and college level undergraduates and graduated students. The SLIPPA Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship curriculum  includes modules in Leadership Awareness skills using the SLIPPA Leadership Awareness Framework, and the  Entrepreneurship skills and Business Development tools & strategies uses SLIPPA’s Business360 Curriculum.
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